Are you a Grimie KiD!?!

I’m looking for Grimie Kids to get Grimie on this page, Blog about whatever idea sparks your mind about what i should do out in the public as for as trolling people and messing with civilians. You can write whatever sparks your interest, maybe you have an idea that might be worth watching. Just make sure you watch my videos on Youtube Geminwise to get a feel for what i do as an actor comedian beatboxer. If your an actor or comedian then  GET GRIMIE KID!! If your looking to get noticed then write about what you’ve done. Write about your struggles and what you’ve been through and why you deserve to be making film with THE FUCKING DEGENERATE. What you have gone through and what your willing to do to make a music video with leusiCK. This is a Fight Club only Grimie Kids that donate to the fucking degenerate account are aloud!! How you become a Grimie Kid is simple you donate $20 to my fucking degenerate account . Then after you donate $20 to my account you make a video of you acting crazy out in the public doing something crazy and spontaneous. send it to If I like it I will personally make a video drop for you on my youtube page and possibly work with you on a new up-coming music video.  What can I say I’m  THE FUCKING DEGENERATE  As for this site I WANT YOU TO BLOG ABOUT WHY YOU HATE ME SO MUCH!!!!  This is your opportunity to show your HATE and write something that sparks your interest in LeusiCK D. Then MAybe just Maybe You’ll GET GRIMIE . SO what are you waiting for? start your blog  299837_279704848728723_881774004_n 


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